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Animal Rescue

Working with animal shelters all across the State of Virginia, we rescue animals abandoned by their owners.


Spay Neuter

One of the most important decisions to make after adopting a cat or a dog is to have them spay neutered

Adoption Assistance

If you need assistance in the process of adopting pets, you can find information here that could help you.

Why I Strongly Advocate Adoption

My Advocacy

Every year, 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized, simply because too many animals come into shelters and there are not enough people taking them in. So where do many pet owners bring home their kittens, puppies, and rabbits from?

As you can also see, I’m strongly against buying animals and breeding them irresponsibly, when there are so many homeless animals being abandoned by people who can’t take care of them.

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What To Do When Your Pet Is Sick?

If you have a pet or planning to adopt one, then the first thing you should always take care is the pet’s health. It is essential to be aware of the symptoms to identify whether your pets are sick. It may range from vomiting and diarrhoea to acute appetite changes. Even bad breath can be […]


Three Mistakes to Avoid Before Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet enriches your life, but that isn’t to say that it goes without its challenges. Pet adoption is a beautiful gift to an animal in need of a loving and caring home. Not only will they get a committed owner, you will establish a bound that lasts for years to come. An adopted […]


You’ve Adopted an Animal, Now What?

So, your new pet is in the van and riding home with you. Now is the time to put yourself in its shoes. No matter what it’s been through in the past, it’s going to a new place. It’s probably confused about why it’s coming home with you. Where are the familiar human smells? The other animals? There are going to be new smells, new faces at its new home. Remember, it’s just…


A List of Organizations Specialized in Animal Adoptions

Before you adopt your little four-legged friend, you’ll need a lot of good information. There are many excellent organizations that are specialized in animal adoptions across the country. These are doing good work in telling people about how to adopt, how to care…


Getting Started: First Steps in Animal Shelter Adoption

So you’ve decided you want to adopt? Fantastic! Here’s a belly rub for you! Now you’ll need to go through a process. Don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it sounds. I’ll spell out the steps. The steps are only there to help you make sure you’re doing the right thing for…

What Our Readers Say

Some Kind Words From Our Avid Readers

FlagPets website provided us with a great information about how to deal with masses of young perpetrators we get to catch every day in our pet shop. Punishing them was not a great way to deal, but we found that making them understand that pet need special care seem to be working just fine!

Mark Davids

FLAGPets helped us find the perfect pet for our family. We have always wanted to adopt a pet for our growing kids, and they adore 'Kimmy', our 9-month-old Great Dane. Thank you, FLAGPets!

Mark Clemence

I needed a pet to keep me company, as I am living alone in a rather remote area of Virginia. A friend of mine suggested, which is where she got her own companion. No complaints, whatsoever.

Vanessa Hawkins

I was diagnosed with an immune deficiency that will render me legally blind soon. helped me get a guide dog to help me in my upcoming transition.

Theodore Radcliffe

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