If you have a pet or planning to adopt one, then the first thing you should always take care is the pet’s health. It is essential to be aware of the symptoms to identify whether your pets are sick. It may range from vomiting and diarrhoea to acute appetite changes. Even bad breath can be suggestive gastrointestinal bugs or esophageal illness.

In case you notice any of these symptoms, or you sense that your pet is behaving unusually, you should not delay any further and intensify your pet’s healthcare regime.

Here are the top five ways to take care of your pet when they are not well.

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Maintain Cleanliness

1.     Maintain Cleanliness

Take care of your pet’s daily hygiene and grooming needs.

Gently brush them regularly and clean its mouth, ears, and eyes with damp cotton balls.

An intensive care must be taken care of their toil and sanitation needs. If your pet is unable to move, then rest them on soft padding that will absorb urine.

Gently Wash their rear end with warm water to keep it clean.

2.     Increase Comfort

Increase Comfort

Bed sores are the worst thing that can happen to your pet if they are unable to move and lie in the same position.

Change the side they lie on frequently. Rest them on vet beds.

It’s soft, comfortable, and keeps moisture away. Spend more time with your pets; caress them by stroking their fur gently. And finally, pets have a propensity to mess up things.

In such case, don’t lose your temper or be rude to your pet as it will take an emotional toll on them.

3.     Ensure Proper Food And Hydration

Keep your pet hydrated.

Generally, when pets are sick, the face a tremendous appetite loss and tends to eat less. In that case, it’s doubly important to ensure that your pet is well-fed.

Warm the food gently before serving and use hand feeding.

Also, serve food that they haven’t eaten before. A change in flavor can compel them to eat.

Keep your pet hydrated – always keep a bowl of water in their vicinity.

4.     Follow Vet’s Instructions

Owning a pet is both rewarding and challenging.

It’s not just about going to the vet but also about following his instruction properly.

Ensure you feed your pet and give medicines to them on time as scheduled by the doctor. Track your pet’s mood and health, and keep the vet updated with the same.

Owning a pet is both rewarding and challenging. They are the best care givers and can mood lifters. But at the same time, pets also need intensive care and maintenance.

So, while we enjoy every bit of their attention and love, it’s our responsibility to ensure their physical and emotional well-being.

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