Best Organizations for Animal Adoption in Virginia State

So, you’ve made up your mind to foster or adopt in Virginia? That’s the best decision you’ve made in a long time. Take my word for it!

If you haven’t already found an animal shelter you can adopt from, here is my carefully vetted list of reputable, responsible animal shelters in Virginia. Check them out. Maybe somewhere in one of them is the fascinating Jekyll and Hyde cat that you’ve always wanted.

Or the friendliest, smartest and most lovable dog in the world – that’s the description of every dog lover’s dog in their eyes, by the way!

Deaf Dogs Rock, Salem

Deaf Dogs Rock is doing a huge favor to deaf dogs in Virginia

If you’re doing a good deed and bringing an adopted dog home, why not peg yourself a notch higher on the Good Samaritan scale and bring home a deaf and homeless dog? The Universe will thank you for it; you’ll soon find out how wonderful deaf dogs can be as pets.

The moving story of the Salem-based shelter Deaf Dogs Rock started when Salem Animal Control found a 10 week old abandoned boxer puppy called Nitro, by the river. At the shelter, they discovered he was completely deaf. Christina Lee and her husband not only adopted the little do but founded an entire organization on rescuing and rehabilitating deaf dogs.

Today Deaf Dogs Rock is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that has a large Facebook community and offers plenty of resources and advice for fostering and adopting deaf dogs. They have partnered with other animal rescue agencies to save more than 200 deaf dogs in three years. They’ve also managed to find 2000 adoptable dogs loving families. Do check out this amazing group and find out if you want to adopt a deaf dog.

Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

Boxer Rescue and Adoption is a charitable, non-profit organization

This Reston-based adoption center works to rescue and find homes for boxers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. The group is a member of the American Boxer Rescue Association and is a 501 (3)(c) non-profit. They have a page up on Petfinder where you can see the animals that are up for adoption at their Reston center.

If you decide to adopt from this group, expect a visit to your home. (Like I’ve said before, it’s a good sign if they visit your home.) You can fill up an adoption application online and submit it. But make sure you follow up your submission, since the group needs to know you’re still interested in adopting after your first message. There are lots of lovely, animated and playful, housetrained and spayed/neutered boxers waiting for a loving home at the shelter.

Virginia Paws for Pits

Virginia Paws for Pits is the Shenandoah Valley’s first “Bully Breed” rescue group

If you love pitbulls and enjoy their intelligent, loyal, courageous and obedient temperaments, check out this animal adoption center. Virginia Paws for Pits is dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for the most misunderstood of dog breeds in the Shenandoah Valley region. You can choose to foster a pitbull in need too – there are many that desperately need homes. You can also donate your time and supplies, or become Bully Buddies. The group provides plenty of advice on adopting pitbulls, so you’ll be in good hands if you adopt.


Alley Cat Rescue

Alley Cat Rescue’s commitment is to help stray and outdoor community cats

So, you’re a cat person? Of course, I’m not ignoring you. Check out the long list of Virginia cat adoption shelters that the Alley Cat Rescue group has created for you, no matter where you live. Fancy a browse through some of their spayed and neutered adoptable cats on their Petfinder website? Be careful, you might just fall in love with more than one.

If you’ve got a barn home, think about bringing home some feral cats that don’t have anywhere to go.

Here is a list of some other adoption centers in Virginia.

Dewey Animals, Centreville: A small friendly volunteer-run nonprofit that helps rescue, care for and find homes for cats. They also encourage education on spaying and neutering cats.

Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, Arlington: An animal shelter and pet adoption center run by people who are very eager to find animals the right match with foster and forever homes.

SPCA of Northern Virginia: This group currently has lots of cats that need foster homes. To adopt a cat, you’ll have to make an appointment to visit a foster home or a Pet Valu store in Purcellville and Falls Church. The website will announce dog adoptions.

Virginia State, Government, or Municipal Shelters

Stafford County Animal Shelter

Orange County Animal Shelter

Prince William County Animal Shelter

Spotsylvania Animal Shelter

Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter

Virginia Beach Care & Adoption Center

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