Adopting a pet enriches your life, but that isn’t to say that it goes without its challenges. Pet adoption is a beautiful gift to an animal in need of a loving and caring home. Not only will they get a committed owner, you will establish a bound that lasts for years to come.

An adopted pet offers love, loyalty, and companionship, but before you take the leap and adopt a new friend, take some time out and make preparations before you bring your new pal home. Being adequately prepared will help you avoid these mistakes after you have adopted your new pet.

“Adopting a pet is a big responsibility, but the rewards of doing so is priceless.”

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Mistake #1: Being Unprepared

Let’s be honest, feeling unprepared is the worst. Whether it’s a test for school or a presentation at work, unpreparedness is a problem. Imagine being unprepared to handle a cuddly ball of fur, or the responsibilities that come with it.

Being unprepared for a new pet indicates an impulsive decision to adopt one. It’s important to consider whether this is the right time in your life for a new pet. If you can’t afford to spend quality time bonding and training your pet, then it’s probably not the right time to adopt one.

If you find that you do have the time and resources to dedicate to a new pet, especially a kitten or puppy, prepare yourself and your home for the arrival of the new addition to your family. Be sure to purchase essential items such as food, bowls, leashes, collars, bedding, and toys, so that you’re new pet gains a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Be sure to animal proof your home if you need to, making sure any loose wiring, household chemicals, trash, etc., isn’t near your new pet. For kittens and puppies be sure to have a litterbox or designated toilet area ready, as you will want to begin training from the moment your pet comes home.


Mistake #2: Making Sure Pets Get Along

In the excitement of adopting a new pet, many pet owners often neglect a cardinal rule. Will our pets at home welcome our new friend as much as I do? It’s easy to assume that all dog or cats or bird etc., will get along fine. Sometimes families need extra time to finally meld together and get to know each other.

Pet owners should be aware of this risk, and yet many often ignore the possibility. It’d be difficult for everyone involved if your dogs won’t get along or your kittens are clawing at each other. Some shelter will allow you to foster a dog or cat for a while, to let you two bond before fully adopting.

It’s important to arrange a time to spend together, such as meet-and-greets with your pet family in tow, before bringing your pet home from the shelter, this way they are already familiar with you and the other animals in your home.


Mistake #3: Smothering your new pet

It’s important to remember that your new pet has probably had a rough life and is currently experiencing yet another stressful transition. Tempting as it may be to spoil your new pet by giving extra treats, cuddles, and attention, don’t over-do it. Your pet will know and accept your love with time, for now, give it space. Let your pet find a comfortable position at your home on his/her own.

Don’t be afraid to establish boundaries early in the relationship, but don’t be overbearing either. Allow your pet to settle in at their own pace.


Remember, adopting a pet is challenging but rewarding…

Adopting a pet is a big responsibility, but the rewards of doing so is priceless. Giving your heart, home, and attention to an animal in need is one of the noblest and charitable acts of humankind, however, it’s important to avoid these all too common mistakes to maintain a harmonious relationship between you and your new companion.


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