Pets are excellent loving companions. They bring joy to the owners and their surroundings.It is scientifically proved that pet help us to reduce stress and alleviate depression. Before starting the journey into getting a pet first one must evaluate the motives. Generally, there could be few cases.

Case1:Due to pressure from the children -In such cases it’s better to start with a pocket pet like a hamster or some low maintenance pet that don’t require a much care and allow the children to learn the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Case2: Some adopt just to maintain their status symbols.

Case3: Some adopt for their own business planning.

Case4: Some are genuine pet lover.

Let’s Discuss About The Aspects Which You Should Consider Before Bringing Any Pet To Your Household.

Well, if you are sure about your motive then comes the next stage i.e. the selection of the pet according to your lifestyle, surroundings and needs.

  • Meet a Veterinarian before the Adoption: A veterinarian can be an excellent guide to help you choose the best pet to suit your lifestyle and motives.
  • Safety, Allergies and Health Issues with the Children: If you are staying with the children then you must be careful about Safety, Allergies of Children. However, some breeds of dogs and exotic animals might be harmful for the families with infants and small children. Go for your own research and analysis to assess the suitability of specific animals and breeds for your family.
  • Ask yourself – whether you can afford a pet – There are many types cost-effective expenditure associated with pet-caring. Like cats and dogs need vaccination, microchipping etc. Besides, you will need to bear the ongoing costs for food, worming, training, toys and annual health checks, shelter for throughout their life.
  • Are you prepared to care for a pet for its whole life and it’s after life? When we adopt a dog or any pet, we know it is going to say goodbye after some years, don’t we? But what is after that? Are you ready to accept the pain once the pet will die?
  • Do you have quality time to spend with a pet? Only go for a pet if the answer is ‘YES’. Because it is a psychological fact that if you don’t give enough time to your pet it will go ill or in worst case it might die. Particularly puppies and kittens need significant time investment.
  • Suitable accommodation for a pet- Birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, turtle, fish all need a suitable accommodation at first. For example, a rabbit genuinely needs a lawn of fresh grass.
  • Will a pet fit into your lifestyle? From office goers to school students everyone has different lifestyle and thus one must visualize will a pet fit his/her lifestyle? You cannot go for jogging every morning with your pet dog, if you are a school goer or doing job in Morning shifts. You have to decide accordingly.
  • Will your Perv Mom take care of it while you are away? That’s important question to ask. With the huge percentage of moms becoming pervs, it’s not that easy to answer. As in series, they care only about their sexual satisfaction. Can they deal with animals while they are done taking care of their primal needs?
  • Who Will Pet-Sit When You’re away? What if you need to go away for some work or some emergency? Who will take care of your pet? Make sure you find an answer before adopting one.

As a pet draws a connection between man and nature the relationship is beyond strife, disagreement, and frustration. “Their innocence is universal and where the meanness and the betrayals are unknown.”So, make sure you are perfectly ready for taking this big responsibility and ready to value their emotion as there are many people who just leave their pets after it gets ill or aged. Adopt one only when you can be ethically transparent to them.

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