Like me, you may care a lot about homeless animals, but not really have the resources or the space to give one of them a home. That’s perfectly alright. You can do other things to help, like donating to a good animal shelter.

In fact, if there’s one thing I like most about technology (besides allowing me to do my Christmas shopping without stepping out, whew) it’s how it lets me make a difference to the lives of animals around the world through online donations. Plus, the donations are tax deductible, which is a bonus.

It’s easy to make donations online. Just check out the sites below. I’ve made sure to include only reputed shelters from Virginia and beyond. I personally make donations to several of these.

Deaf Dogs Rock

Deaf Dogs Rock is doing a huge favor to deaf dogs in Virginia

I am a big supporter of what Deaf Dogs Rock has been doing for handicapped dogs in Virginia. Deaf dogs make fantastic pets, and they deserve any help you can give them! Your online donation will be used towards buying treats and food for the adorable shelter dogs, paying for a neutering or spaying, supporting emergency transport etc. Donate anything you can afford. Even the smallest amount is a significant drop in the ocean of resources that are needed to run a shelter.

Fairfax County Animal Shelter

We are the County’s only open-access shelter

Check out the Amazon wish list for the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, VA. This is a municipal shelter that rescues and rehabilitates four to five thousand cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and guinea pigs each year. You can buy their animals whatever you like from the wish list, whether it’s a $6 switch clip for a leash, a $4 chew toy or the shelter dogs’ favorite peanut butter for their afternoon treats!

At any given time, visitors to the adoption center can choose from 40 cats and kittens, 25 dogs and puppies, and dozens of small animals, all available for adoption.

We know that every animal who enters our shelter will be given the best care and shown boundless love while they are in our care, and while they wait for their forever family to adopt them.We are very proud that, since 2013, our positive release rate has been over 90% each year!

The City of Emporia Animal Shelter

The Emporia Animal Shelter now has a fully operational volunteer program

Emporia city’s animal shelter is bare-bones and basic, like most municipal animal shelters. I’d love to bring them all home, away from their prison cells, but I can’t. Instead, I buy them stuff from the shelter’s Amazon wish list. You can help too, with a US-made flea and tick spray maybe, or a gentle liquid detergent to keep their bedding clean, nice-smelling and bug-free.

Virginia Paws for Pits

Virginia Paws for Pits is the Shenandoah Valley’s first “Bully Breed” rescue group

Pitbulls have earned a bad name, through no fault of theirs. Some people are ignorant. But you’re not! If you want to help homeless pitbulls live the safe and healthy lives they deserve, please think about donating to Virginia Paws for Pits. The organization doesn’t have a physical shelter but works with foster homes for the dogs they rescue. Your donation will mean a lot to these lovely misunderstood animals.

We were established by local citizens to rescue domestic cats and dogs from cruelty, neglect and abandonment

SPCA Northern Virginia

Help out the SPCA of Northern Virginia by making an online donation through PayPal. You can also shop via GoodShop and have a part of your spendings go towards the SPCA or any other animal shelter you want.

SPCA NOVA is a “no-kill” organization that does not euthanize healthy, adoptable cats and dogs. We don’t have a traditional shelter. Our cats live in foster homes and our dogs live either in foster homes or a private kennel until adopted.

Our experienced volunteers respond to citizen requests for help with cats and dogs in need.

Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Since 1944 the Animal Welfare League of Arlington has worked to improve the lives of animals.

Arlington’s Animal Welfare League would love to have your donations online. Or if you’re good with fundraising and can influence people to make donations, why not run your own fundraising page in honor of a darling dog, cat or rabbit from the shelter? In this way, you can also ask your family and friends to route your birthday or wedding gifts in the form of aid for homeless animals that could do with a show of love. It’s a great way to give, and there’s no fee involved!

Animal Humane Society

Animal Humane Society has been engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals since 1878

No donation is too small for the Animal Humane Society. Whether it’s a one-time $50 donation or a small $5 monthly donation, any help you can provide will be appreciated. It’s easy to pay via PayPal or with your VISA or Mastercard. You can also buy them things from their wish list.

Every year, thousands of animals come to Animal Humane Society in need of a second chance. Our free Pet Helpline offers caring advice and resources for all your animal concerns – at your convenience.


We work to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws and share resources with shelters nationwide

You can make monthly donations or a one-time donation to the ASPCA too. You can also send a birthday card, honor or memorial card in the name of a pet that you want to honor. If you gift $500 or more, you get to be a part of the ASPCA Founder’s Society, which means you get access to lots of insider info from the ASPCA, and a personal contact for all your questions.

Our organization was founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law.

Foothills Animal Shelter

Foothills Animal Shelter is an open-admissions facility

This Colorado-based animal shelter provides a lovely home to over nine thousand orphaned puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, and critters. They have very friendly and compassionate employees and volunteers who really care about animals. They take a lot of trouble to keep their shelter clean and safe for their residents. They’re open and honest and deserve all the help we can give their animals.

You might find a wide variety of canine pals: senior dogs to 8-week-old puppies, hiking companions to couch potatoes, and everything in between! About 25% of the dogs we see each year are purebred, while the others are marvelous mix breeds. Our selection of adoptable dogs changes daily, so if you don’t spot the right match now, please check back soon!

Other Animal Shelters In Virginia You Can Donate To

Virginia Beach SPCA

Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA

Richmond SPCA

Norfolk SPCA

Portsmouth Humane Society

Southside SPCA

Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

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